Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 in Movies

I didn't watch that many movies last year. For the most part I've ever forgotten what I have watched. I didn't even watch a lot of things that came out in 2014 because I was way too occupied with things. From the couple things I did watch, here are some highlights.

Best Animated: The Lego Movie
Loved this to bits, especially the song. The action is fast paced and I'm a huge Lego fan so I was hooked from the beginning. Frozen and The Lorax are also really good. 

Best Movies Based on a Book: Silver Linings Playbook
Jen Law is just amazing at what she does and she keeps continuously blowing my mind off with her fantastic talent. This book however was terrible as it actually spoiled a lot of books for me, which sucked. 

Best Geeky Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
I'm really not much of a geek, but this movie was awesome. I especially loved Groot. 

Best Hindi Movie: Khoobsurat
Niu & I went to see this on Schwack and I had already been waiting for it because Sonam is one of my favourite Bollywood gals and she was so cheeky in it, I enjoyed it so much. Also Fawaz. *sigh*

Best Indie Movie: Frances Ha
I liked Frances. It was sweet, nice, real, very mellow but I enjoyed how completely realistic and non-happening it was. Maybe I could relate with Frances. 

Best Action: Avengers
Okay, so it's a geeky movie, but I liked Captain America a lot. It was pretty cool, and that is coming from someone who's not a huge fan of action. 

Best Teen Movie: The Art of Getting By
This is my category. Teen movies are my thang and Emma Roberts is the cutest. She's so funny and weird and annoying at the same time in this and there's Charlie from the Chocolate Factory all grown up, this movie makes you really appreciate things. I also liked Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

Best Movie: Veronica Mars Movie
I'm very biased here because I love Veronica and Logan and was waiting patiently for this to come out, and I watched the heck out of it. Sigh. It was perfect. Everything and more you could ask from LoVe.

Meh: Jab Thak Hai Jaan
I guess I'm just not into Shahrukh anymore. Not that I ever liked him, but he seems to be plaing himself in all his movies recently. 

Other Notable Movies:
Always Kabhi Kabhi. Another cutesy teen movie, in Hindi. uh be still my heart.
We're The Millers. The ending when they all sing I'll be there for you is the best part.
The Vow. I love movies where there's happy endings. This one was a roller coaster but it was worth cos the ending was just perfect.
The Bling Ring. Emma Watson just cannot be any more perfect. Sigh.
Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwaani. The songs are amazing, and I actually liked the storyline. 

What have been your favourite movies last year?

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