Friday, June 26, 2015

Currently: June 2015

This month has been really low on most entertainment, except for series. I basically watched way too much Downton Abbey and Gossip Girl last couple of days. Here's what's keeping me entertained.

Gossip Girl S5 | I am dragging this because I want to make it last longer since there's only one more season. I really love Blair and the fashion in it, it's sort of like a modern day Downton Abbey. This season is both weird and completely fun, with princesses and way too much drama, but then what else can you expect from it eh?

Full House S3 | Both my sisters are hooked on to this and we kinda resemble the family because I'm sort of like DJ and while Hipster Sis is nothing like Steph, Mick is a total Michelle. Ah, 90's shows, how we miss them. I've still got a long way to go. This season Michelle is just so cute I keep aww-ing every time she has a scene. 

Clueless | One day I had this brilliant idea to watch the top 20 teen movies ever so I got a list and downloaded them all but my PC broke so this and two more other movies were the only things I could watch. This was such a cult movie and I enjoyed it a lot. Cher is so fab and completely adorbs. You definitely need to watch this. It's way cool. 

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra | One of the books in my reading challenge and it also won a Pulitzer prize so I had really high hopes for it. It's set in Chechnya and is absolutely heart breaking so far. It's also very hard to read because there's a lot of emotional and sad things happening and lots of history about Chechnya and the war but I think it's going to be a worthwhile read. 

Selection by Kiera Cass | The first book in the Selection series, and next on my TBR pile. This series has been raved about by every booktuber ever so I've got really high expectations and looks at that gorgeous cover! So beautiful. 

Fight Song by Rachel Platten | This song has been my savior for the past two weeks and Tay and Rach sang it together on her 1989 tour and I was just beyond happy to see them collaborating on this. This song I want to dedicate to everyone, because y'all need a fight song. 

So, what's keeping you entertained this month? 

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