Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ramadan Mubarak

Hi Guys. 

I know. I've been so MIA it's not even funny anymore. Lots of things have happened the last few weeks and I find myself at crossroads. But more on that later. 

I am really excited because right now it's Ramadan! Ramadan is one of my favourite months because there's just so much good in it. I love the environment, the fasting, the iftars, the traditions, all of it. Allah has blessed us with yet another chance to repent and to do good and I'm just really in the mood for all of it. 

I hope you've been doing good. I've missed writing. To be honest, the last weeks, I've written a couple poems, most of them sappy ones because I've been going through a cheesy romance period. Maybe I'll post one of those if I feel like it. Mostly I've been lazing around watching about two seasons of Downton Abbey and almost a season of Gossip Girl in a three day period. Yes, I have a problem. 

Bye for now. I'll hopefully write some more posts during this week. I miss you guys and writing terribly and must get back to my old self. I'm not too sure who I am right now. 

Keep Hope Alive. 

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