Monday, May 9, 2016

Review: Vaashey Mashaa Eky

Dhivehi movies, as cheesy and weird as they are, is an art form. Recently, some of my friends and I went to see Vaashey Mashaa Eky, a film that describes itself as the first romantic comedy of the industry. I'm a sucker for rom-coms. That being said, before going to see the movie, I've heard and formed many different opinions on it. 

1. It was a copy of the English movie "Nine Months". 
2. Jumayyil and Majudha has brilliant on-screen chemistry as evident by their last movie Emme Fahu Vindhaa Jehendhen
3. The movie posters and artworks were pretty nice. 

The cinema experience for Maldivian movies are a form of art in itself. People shouting stuff at screen, random laughing fits, lots of yelling, etc. It's one of those things you have to do once in your life, go see a Dhivehi movie at Olympus. 

image from VME Facebook Page
The plot of the movie is quite simple. Girl and guy meets, falls in love, gets married, guy is afraid of commitment to kids, guy finally comes to his senses and BAM, loves the kid. Pretty cliche' stuff that has been overdone way too much. If you're looking for an original plot or a novel idea, then you won't find it here. The movie is predictable beyond means. 

But what you will find is, brilliant witty dialogue, some well placed references and lots of stereotyping. The shots and how it was done, moving form one scene to another (especially at the beginning) was great. There were lots of not so subtle sexual innuendos that were rather well done.

The songs didn't feel too pushed on you (except for the title song which was slightly weird being force danced on the living room). The best part of the movie for me wasn't even the drama or the main characters, but the friends. Rex was the friend you don't deserve. The actor brilliantly played the goofy friend they play pranks on, but gives amazing advice and is generally such a great guy. Thoabe was a pretty good "shit friend" and of course at the end, he had to be a changed man, we're still talking about a Dhivehi movie. The couple were sensible, somewhat annoying but an essential to the plot and made the movie slightly better. The ex-boyfriend provided  moments of comedy relief in the form of the every douche-y Maldivian guy ever. 

Some of the stereotypes were a bit bland. Maybe it's because I'm just tired of it and distasteful jokes aren't my cup of tea. For instance, the Russian doctor; I was eye-rolling at the screen throughout. The stereo typically "randu enviously gay guy", the guy not wanting kids, calling women Japan fish, etc made me cringe so much. 

The extras and little things were what caught my eye the most. The breaking of the fourth wall with Nimal and Jumayyil was the best. It was so well done. So were the little pop culture references and the cameo at the end, of one guy y'all will know from social media.

Overall, it was pretty funny. There were so many laugh out loud moments from beginning to end. The aerial shots were amazing. The whole cinema was laughing at some points and you can see it was genuinely funny. The extras were great. I had a great time watching the movie. 

If this is any indication of the future for romcoms in Maldives, I'm pretty happy. All someone can want now is that there's an original plot somewhere in the future for us moviegoers. 

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