Tuesday, May 10, 2016

4 Cool Local Mothers Day Marketing Ideas

Mothers Day has become a commercial holiday thanks to emotional marketing by florists and major brands worldwide.

Last Sunday, we saw an overpouring of emotion on social media and in real life as people bought bouqets, gifts, cards and delicacies to show their moms some appreciation. Here are 4 local advertising campaigns that caught my eye. 

1. SeaHouse
As one of the trendiest cafe's in town, SeaHouse is getting major mom points with this half off offer. Such a wonderful way to bring in more mom time to the already family-friendly cafe'.

2. Medianet

With a local hashtag, Medianet and their photo competition did pretty well showing that if you're out of novel ideas, a photo competition is a surefire way to get some engagement from customers.

3. Le Cute
Le Cute appealed to the last minute shoppers with a complete solution, because lets face it; people always forget till the last minute.

4.  Heat

Heat is heating up the scene with this joint promotion and appealing to a new target market.  

To keep up with trending days and celebrations, its important for businesses to create specific day based marketing campaigns that will appeal to their target market and increase their sales, while proving a value added service. 

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