Wednesday, May 18, 2016


There has been quote a lot of cool stuff happening. Where to start? Hmm.

- Maldivian theater performance at ITB Berlin

This showcases our culture very extensively, from literature and fashion to craftsmanship. It makes me so very proud to have such a diverse heritage that is distinct and have our own spice of everything. We truly under-appreciate the culture and Maldivian-ness of it all. Bravo to Theater Mirage for this wonderful and amazing piece.

- Squad Goals by Space Parade

I will never be not impressed by Space Parade. These guys are hilarious, both in real life and when they make amazing stuff like this. You know you're in for a fun ride whenever they release a video. Don't we all wish we were a part of this squad? hahaha

- Disney Princess of Cinderella's Castle

This mockumentary is delightful and funny. The cast is so well chosen and fits every princess so perfectly and the reality TV spoof style is just what you need, bringing all the princesses and the nostalgia back. It's super short you'll just binge-watch the entire series.

- Me Myself & I / Urvashi Cover by KHS

I was already obsessed with Me, Myself & I and I was in for a fun surprise because it's a Hindi song (I'm convinced I have some Indian blood in me because I get way too giddy whenever anything Indian happens) mashup and this song was so cool I checked the original and I've been playing it non-stop. Of course it was made by A.R Rehman in 1995 and its still so relevant. I just can't deal with all the awesomeness.

- Product X by Aal

Aal is just funny. I've missed his videos. He's such a cool and adorable person it's hard not to love his videos. This video was short but you can see Aal being the weirdly funny guy he is. Make sure you watch his IdenticAals, that's my favourite thing he has made yet. 

What has caught your eye recently that you just had to share to your friends?


  1. haha.. Space Parade is back after sometimes.

    1. yes, they always have such great stuff, I can forgive them for the inconsistent uploading.

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