Thursday, September 7, 2017

August 2017 in a nutshell

August has been a whirlwind of a month but I did manage to do quite a lot of fun and exciting things. It started with a day trip to Maafushi for a friend's wedding, which was beautiful. 
The reception was perfect, it was during sunset and everything looked magical. Congrats Afa and Shumrooj!
Dad brought us ice cream cones so my sisters and I had ice cream for tea everyday which was super fun. I still haven't perfected the scooping process so mine always comes all wobbly, sigh. 
and ofcourse, I met up with my bestie over a cup of gahuva when he was in town. He's hardly in town so it's always great to catch up!
My show at IceTV was on and I had a blast watching it with my friends. It's still surreal to think I have a TV show where I talk about books, it's crazy. 
My friends were invited to stay at Starshell hotel one weekend and it was so much fun. We had a great time there. 
look at all the happy faces! we had the whole hotel to ourselves and it was the best. We played gandufilla and celebrated Oppo's birthday. We went to moodhu and generally had such a great time!
Here is the delicious Twitsal cake that my mom made (go follow her cake page on insta!)
Lilal made duck for us and it was glorious. 
August also meant that it was 100 days to the brutal murder of our friend @yaamyn who we miss everyday. His friends set this book run to celebrate his life, and it was so touching. He would have loved it. Go follow #WeAreYaamyn for updates on the case. 
There was more filming for more episodes of the show which is always fun. Looking forward to more episodes. Check out episode 1 here. 
I got the sweetest bouquet from flowers from Airbnb, which was wonderful after the trouble I had with them. 
My favourite days were cozy reading days. I actually finished reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo which was so intense and I loved it. 
A big shoutout to my mommmy dearest who complete a sugar flower course and basically impressed me every time with her clever and beautiful intricate creations like this cake she made in under 3 hours!
There were so many great food days, which is always a favourite. I've slowly come to appreciate food. 
and then, Tay dropped her new single and I fell in love with her music all over again. I am so ready for this new era of Taylor Swift. 
At the end of August, as per our yearly tradition, my friends and I headed to an island for Eid, this time to Ihavandhoo. We stopped by at Kulhudhuffushi and looked around the island before we headed to properly Eid. 
Overall, August was a great month filled with lots of adventure and great memories. I cannot wait for what's in store for me this month, hope y'all had a great August as well. 

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