Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eid Mubarik and an October Post

Phew! Long time since I haven't posted anything!

I haven't been feeling very fine lately, anyway's, Eid Mubarak to all blogger's and everyone reading this post!^.^

Hmm, Its October and I donno why but for some reason I really like October, no special birthdays, but then its unique! Last few weeks were boring and totally bad luck!, Since last Jan when I read a book called "Why Kids Kill", I have been interested in murders and murderers, especially in teen and pre teen murderers, and I have been doing a research on them, so I collected a lot of data on them. I wanted to write a mystery story. ( I already have started on a story series called Estelle, a high school one , some time later I'd post a few pages), and then the worst thing happened, something happened to my poor lil computer, and suddenly it went, BUM, and before I had any back ups, all my files were gone, my precious research, Duh! anyway's, I have again started the research and my favorite case is the case of Mary Flora bell (an 11 year old who killed two young boys aged four and three), and Rachelle Waterman (a teenage blogger who killed her mother, Her LJ [she still is a blogger]). Some of such stories totally give me the creeps!

Sheesh! (oh yeah and a few of my friends are totally jealous that I use words such as Sheesh, Duh, Whatever too often. I wouldn't say the names, but then everybody knows that its them, so never mind). Yeah, and I'm going to go to Himmafushi Today morning. Yeah, Actually pretty good. I thought that I'd had to spend the whole Eid holidays in my bed. And then I totally forgot that today is Danyal's b day and that I had to do decorations for his party, Sheesh! I totally forgot it, Couldn't even remember when sir msged, but then met Ishfah and thank god, he made me remember! Thx,( I have been pretty forgetful lately, may be I've started becoming like Peter Pan).*sigh*

And Something totally bad happened,something bad always happens when i try to do a good deed like this time. So just before two days of the oath taking, I knew that I had to meet Nihan ms and then do the certificate. So one day after school I went from new site to main site but couldn't meet her, and the other day I made the soft copy of the certificate and went and well, after total 2 hrs of waiting met her, she approved the certificate, and then i asked the school whether I could print them on my own( just so that the school won't have to worry about the ELA certificates), and then the other day I printed them and gave to Nihan ms, and she was happy with it, I even showed to Nafix, and he was even Ok with it. But then later that day, by 4oclock, they called me and told that the madam didnt approve it cos it was half size. Damn, That was it, I just gave them the logo, and came, and thank god the damn ceremony was again postponed!


This is the scrapbook page I did, just to wish everyone a prosperous Eid! Adios!


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