Tuesday, January 13, 2009



Well, good news... Mom gave birth to a baby girl on 5th of Jan.. Im so sorry Im late in saying this.. cos I've been pretty busy... So, last Sunday dad named her Mikyaal.. I call her Mickie, mom call her Meekko..

I don't have a digital pic of her, since kudabe took the pics and went back to the resort, and my phone's USB is with thuttha, so when i get either of this, i'll post a pic...

School has reopened, so far so better, and I even did C1 and C2.. Hoping for an A... and well, now it's all Mickie.. She's so cute and everyone's so happy...

Well, I don't have mich to say now, so that's all folks... Hope to be back soon with a good post... =D


PS, I love that pic, and I wanna make one lyk dat...

PSS, I need Ideas for ELA festival.. It's gonna be on Feb...


  1. wow... i luv da name... n congrats to ur mom :)

  2. Congrats to u n your family..n cute name btw..:)

  3. Be ready for the baby attacks,.:teeehee: n congrats dear ;)

  4. congrats to u an ur mummyyy..
    luuuurrrvee the name... hehe.. cnt wait to see a pic.. =] =]

  5. the name is sooo cute XD
    haha everyone loves it dhow?!
    congratz ingei ;] hugs and ummies from moi ;]

  6. Thanks everyone... =D.. Ummies...

  7. CONGRAAA!!! And best wishes to ur lil sis :D

    can i get sum info abt "ELA fest"

  8. @Kamunudha...
    Thx.. ELA is the Englsih literary association of CHSE.. We'r having an English weekend, and doing some competetions, and stuff...


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