Saturday, March 28, 2009



So, before i turned 17 last month, (since i love making to do lists and lists of all kinds) i made up 17 things i want to do when i turn 17..So here they are.. =]

  1. Grow sunflowers
  2. Meet the bloggers in my neighborhood (Done kinda, as i actually met some bloggers, like muuthi =])
  3. Learn to make Pizza and make one
  4. Color my hair (did, but stupid colour, doesnt show on my hair.. duh)
  5. Make a list of all the movies I want to see, and actually watch them. (doing)
  6. Make a list of my favorite songs, and download them on my phone (doing)
  7. Finish my short story - Freshman fever
  8. Write poetry again
  9. Write and send a message in a bottle
  10. Read 17 books about general knowledge
  11. Read 17 classics by famous authors
  12. Save at least 17 rf per month
  13. Get a boyfriend (duh, i know.. hehe)
  14. Get a contact lens
  15. Get braces for my teeth
  16. Learn to swim
  17. Learn to type faster without looking the keyboard

Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed for mock..


  1. get a boy friend! :P
    take me with you when you are colouring your hair!

  2. heheh good luck wit da mock...islam =death embodied in a paper...mocking at your misery...and eat n drink well yes...normally this is a usual statement from urs truly but this is a good tip

  3. yeah take me too!
    hehe, i mean when you are gonna colour your hair
    and braces for your teeth? :S your teeth look just fine and pretty as it is! (i think ingey, i dont usually look at people's teeth much) :P

    don't write poetry and post it here, trust me, no comments from me :P
    general knowledge books are a good idea
    make pizza and give me a slice :P
    and sunflowers?! grow em n let me know, i wanna flickr it :D

  4. hey bLoggers that idea..

    lol get a bf?ahh u know whom to ask for dating advice!! :P

    swiming dho... salhi kameh..

    and good luck for de mockys!!

  5. hmm. Am just thinking that you are gonna write a list of movies u gonna watch, so hmmm future up cumming movies also will be there right.!! when u finish the list give me a copy. hehe kidding.
    Then getting a boy friend with the teeth thing, will it go well. hmmmmm think abut it.. hehe .
    BTW great list.

  6. @Shweet,
    Yeah.. Thnks..


    Ofcourse taking ur advice..

    Hehe.. Thanks..

    Thanks.. =]

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