Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Merry March


So, Ive been really busy these few days, which is why i couldnt update my bloggy.. Now, the ELA weekend is over, and it was a blast.. Id like to thanks all who made this a success.. Rani Ms, all Eng teachers, my exco (Pragya, Eelaf, Sama, Samha, Neeshan), Zai, Hasyb, Nsha, Maathu, Taxu, Iloshifathi aka Saaif, Hamad, Naanu, Raf Raf, Zuha, Yeth, Sheri, and all who came ad made it a success.. My fav activity was riddle Quest and Pictionary..

And I got a cute big big pictionary board (thanks to Ishfah).. Mickie is more friendly with muntha than to me..Argh.. But still, shes da cutest thing..

School is fun, and i got my unit test marks.. Noit bad though..And anyways, who cares? other than hfm, I mean..

Not much to say, then hama just for da name sake update kolly.. Its march, a new moth, and 11 days only.. I m gonna miss chse.. and all of the funny things..

Hmph.. Well, I'll soon be back with an "ottaru huri" post..

PS I love that powerpuff girl Z costume.. I want a belt like dat, and a shoe too..



  1. hey ..again m really sorry i couldn make it there diarygirl..u no i wouldnt wanna have missed it for da world,and yes we'll all miss CHSE.good times

  2. waiting for the ottaru huri post which u mentiond....

  3. @Gigs..Oh, yesh.. I know

    @Manaaf.. hehe


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