Sunday, July 19, 2009

Falling Over A Rainbow!


Muuthi tagged me.. She’s super AWESOME.. xD

So here goes, 20 random facts about me!!

1. Im a clean freak and a very organized person..

2. I tend to take sides when watching movies.. Like in Harry Potter, I absolutely loathe Harry, and Cedric, and love Ron, and Hermione.. xD

3. I am a big believer in dreams, and fairytales, and magic..

4. When I get obsessed with something or someone, I just cant stop talking about it..

5. Im a pretty talkative..

6. My favourite designers are Oscar De Le Renta, and Valentino..

7. This year is a year of self discovery for me.. xD

8. I always wish to fall head over heels for someone.. xP

9. I used to sing back in 8th grade.. I even got Selected for VOM competition, but I moved back to Ahmadhiyya.. End of my singing career..

10. I have a fashion blog.. xD

11. Im afraid of all animals, insects, and birds!!!

12. I love marshmallows..

13. Im a bookworm..

14. Im also a shopaholic!

15. I have a place in my heart which I call “Treasure Packs” where I keep secrets.. mostly friends secrets, and things people tell me, asking me to keep it to myself.. xD

16. I also have a little box called “Box of Good Things” in which I keep memories, and gifts, and little souvenirs..

17. I love imagining things.. Its like living in another world..

18. I love painting my nails..

19. You probably would never see me without mascara!!

20. I love doing little things, like writing thankyou notes, etc.. xD

So, Im tagging Shweet, Muawwaz, Shaayan, Aryj, Ne3( Sorry I forgot) and Bchy.. xD

BTW, the pics from Model Mayhem..



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