Saturday, July 25, 2009

Independence Spirit

Happy Independence Day..


Its a day I would most likely remember my whole life.. specially last year’s independence day.. I was a participant of the independence day dance, along with loads of friends.. It was my first independence day dance, also the last.. And I was at the dance, when someone stole my bag.. my wallet, camera, and phone.. and of course, the result pin too. xP

But then, I had fun!! And the independence Spirit.. xD

Not the best way to remember, eh..

Anyways, Happy Independence Day..


PS Happy Birthday Nanna

PSS Check out my Independence Fashions.. xD



  1. Ya, I remember this day... And my fist and last independence day dance...

    1. Yeah. It was a sad but fun day, and thanks for staying to find my bag.

    2. Ya. Sorry about that! Couldn't stay for long enough, cox I had to leave for Hulhumale'. :-)

      Any way, enjoyed that.


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