Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Half the year post!

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It’s July, half the year.. and I feel its going so soon.. I still remember the first day I went to CHSE, two years back.. it still seems like yesterday! About the phone, thanks all of u guys, I decided to use nokia one.. Made a deal with dad, that I’ll get a job, so that he can buy me a sidekick =D
Oh, And I have decided that I’ll join college next year, probably July.. Business Management, specially Marketing would be my field, and I’ll work my way towards opening up my very own fashion line, I've already thought of a name, etc.. I know, it’s too early to make huge plans, but I believe that If I want to achieve big, I need to dream big! It sounds so good to say, eh?
Oh, and I have another blog, dedicated to the half of me, which had always had an interest in fashion designing!  
Nuff of that, I remember promising to show some photos of Mickie, which I forgot to upload, so here goes.. She is no longer a baby, but a cute little toddler, and she even has two cute rabbit teeth, we call it Sparkles, a tribute to our good old rabbit!

PS, Dad’s family calls her Mikko, Others Mikoo, and Muntha calls her MickiPoo.. haha..
BTW, Happy Half year! =]


  1. It's fine.. but dreaming is not enough..

    The first thing is believing that it can be achieved with maximum effort and hard work. If you have ideas, other things need not be that tough.

    those pics are cute..
    my regs to her



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