Sunday, September 20, 2009

Greetings Of Eid!

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Eid Mubarik to all readers (I hope there are some).. I know I’m a bit late.. But its better late than never, right?
So here goes, a wish.. that all of you may have a prosperous and a happy eid! And not be like mine.. YES! I had nothing to do, maybe other than going to dhontha’s place..all of us dressed in Black and White, like a checkerboard.. And people giving us weird looks!! It’s Eid I tell ya!
Anyways, Good news!! My show is back! yes, my regular show, Bollywood ge Kahaani.. Sun to Thur 10 in the morning!!
Plus, Please take a moment to watch this video and sign up to rate for kel.. I'm sure you have already signed up for everything out there.. So, you wouldn't probably mind signing up for one more thing, for me? Right? >.<
<3 the greeting by alfajr


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  2. who is that guy?dont look like he ate his breakfast, but hey whatever u say ill comply,hmm ok i guess hes good for that gig,k got my vote

  3. @Mini, AR.. Yay! Happy eid to you too (=

    @Gigs, Oh.. yes! I shall have to ask him the secret to remain so, err.. slim! I could only do that much for you! ^_^
    and he's a co worker! [x
    Im so glad I have such great friends..


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