Thursday, September 17, 2009

A to Z: If Cupid Had A Heart

iamge credits
A is for Al.. My one and only niece.. ^^ Happy belated birthday pooh!
B is for Beyonce.. Of course she was the star at VMA.. She certainly earned one more fan.. (=
C is for Crushes and Cute boys!! xD
D is for Dhiraagufail! Seriously!!
E is for Eid aee hinithunvamun.. Meeru vahun Javvu huvandhulamun!! Eid mubarak in advance.. (=
F is for Fashion Solitare! Me n Muntha did a challenge, and I won.. She blames her loss on my taking over the comp at all times.. lol
G is for Get together shaha-vees! Had so much fun.. Thanks to all who made it such a pleasant night..
H is for Heels, like these beauties.. *soni vettifa*
I is for I-need-a-decent-camera.. Daddy.. *cough* *cough*
J is for Junie B Jones.. Muntha's favorite first grader!
K is for Kiyaadhey Miraagunney.. Samaau's song from Ehandhaanuga Duet! The fact that I had a crush on him when I was young is not relevant here! lol
L is for Lailathul Gadri Vileyrey.. May god bless us all!
M is for Mentions on fb.. I seriously donno how this works.. Every time I try it, it doesn’t happen!! Ugh 
N is for Naxx.. We all miss you sweety!! )=
O is for Oscar De Le Renta Spring 2010.. He is my favorite designer in the whole wide world!!
P is for Prefects Night.. It better be interesting!
Q is for Quran Competetion.. Ammu n Ninni did a good job!
R is for Ring a Ring a Roses! A pocket full of Posies! Oh, good times.. ^^
S is for September Birthdays, Too many birthdays in one day!!
T is for Twitvillun, had so much fun!! You guys rock!! \m/
U is for Ultimate dress search for a special day! Psst, it's supposed to be a secret!! xD
V is for Violet, this cute picture!
W is for West Beverly High! Team Naomi, Silver and Navid!! Yay!
X is for XoXo, Gossip Girl.. Cant wait until I get my hands on the 3rd season!!
Y is for You Belong With Me.. I'm so in love with the song.. ^^
Z is for Zombies! Runway models look like zombies! I have been keeping track of all those spring 2010 fashion shows, that now I see too much of them.. lol

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