Monday, September 14, 2009

Dedicated to Muntha


Happy belated birthday Muntha, my sweet little 9 year old princess!

She is the cute, shy, smart, and totally fashionable! A bit opposite of me, but we have many things in common.. Like Jojo’s Fashion show, and games, Barbie cartoons, and pink! of course parents too..

I have been such a bad sister.. Only gave the present tonight, and didn't even make a card! I know, I have been lazy! So, this here is a post to make up for all that!

I love you!

and Happy birthday

I know you’ll love this pic by Shiya


  1. happy belated b day from me too :)

  2. i thought muntha was bigger than you :s lol
    happy belated b'day to her from me too :)

  3. Hey dear,
    happy belated birth day to Muntha from me too.

  4. @mini.. she says thanks..

    @iththi.. lol, munshi ves thihennoa heekury.. lol and she says thanks.. (=

    @Nax.. Miss u sweety.. and she says thanks.. She calls you Buzz, cos she says Naz rhymes with buz.. lol


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