Thursday, September 10, 2009

A to Z: 090909 Edition!

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A is for Amy, who’s blog was my inspiration to start this! (=
B is for Bad feelings.. I hate them!
C is for Cottingley Fairies.. Its such an interesting story.. I do believe in fairies, I do! I do!
D is for Doe Deere, the most colorful girl ever! She is such an inspiration!
E is for Ehandhaanuga Duet.. My personal favorites are Meygaavi Alikuri Nooraky, Loabah Maagey Oiy Ithubaaru and Annaashe Dhaan!
F is for Fashion Designing! Yippee!
G is for Gossip Girl!I cant wait for the 3rd season to start! Cant get enough of Chuck Bass!
H is for Hannah Montana.. I'm so glad she won so many awards this TCA! =)
I is for I miss thuttha!! She was and is the best.. She’s my BSF (Best Sister Forever)
J is for Jojo’s Fashion Show.. One thing Muntha and I have in common! ^^
K is for Kel, my show co host and co worker.. He’s half mad, but very very observant, and has the cutest accent ever! After Ed Westwick and Rupert Grint!! (=
L is for Lavabaazee.. Who can just sit there while rest of the world is singing happy songs! I cant!
M is for Muntha and Mickey.. The best sissies ever!
N is for Ninni and Ammu.. Yesterday, the famous 090909 was their 6th birthday.. Happy Birthday.. Double the Trouble!
O is for Oswald.. I miss pogo.. )=
P is for Pictionary! ah, the addiction!
Q is for Quite Not Good Results.. Apparently 4th in National Top Ten doesn't satisfy my parents!
R is for Roadha Show.. Quite boring at times, but thanks to Kel, I survive!
S is for Shopping with Shweetikle.. She definitely lives up to her shweet name! =P
T is for Twinkle Twinkle, the picture on this post..
U is for Unicorns! Those sweet horned horses.. =V
V is for ValentinaKallias, the talented photographer!
W is for Weddings!! Teen brides, and Teen Grooms!!>.<
X is for Exceptionally bright students.. Like my ex classmates.. And geniuses.. And Anna Wintour.. And Kyle!
Y is for Youtube! Thank you! If you weren't there I wouldn't be able to watch Ben (Ken Baumann) in Secret Life.. My only reason to watch that crap..
Z is for Zzzz.. I feel sleepy.. Its past midnight!


  1. awww im in the list! how sweeeeet!
    ahan ahan kal dho! hmm hmm :P
    hahahaha! i just love teasing you ingey, thats it (A)
    And ben u mean in secret life of an american teenager? you like that guy? O.O

  2. and S inn nulaahiku special meeheh you forgot ennu! hahahaha!
    handhaan nuvehjeyyaa i'l remind you :P
    majaa vehje! :P

  3. there arent no such things as fairies!! they r made up by the kufaar,,,stop believin in dem..if u dont believe me...find it out for urself..

  4. @mini, afxoon, Sujau.. Thanks

    @Shweet...kel, Oh yes!! xP
    I love Ben.. Im kind of attracted to romantic people! xD
    S in dho! munshi ves! pis pis!! ^^

    @Anony.. Thanks (=


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