Monday, October 19, 2009


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Sometime in this week, or was it last? that we heard of a kidnapping in Maldives? I know, ridiculous..
One of the guys who did that, is an ex classmate of mine, back in first grade.. or so mom says.. So, the story is that, I was only 5 years by then, and had a some kinda board, the name which I cant recall now.. And since childhood, I was way over possessive about my stuff.. So, this guy called Aiman, was in my class, and I brought the board to class (Since I was only 5 years, and the youngest in the whole school, I had a special uniform, and can bring anything I want to school.. I know, awesome, right? This probably explains why I'm only 17, and finished my A levels!), and this guy stole it.. So Mom says I bit his finger, and that he was crying, and he never even touched anything of mine since then.. whoa!
And see, now he kidnapped an 18 year old guy..
Once a thief, Always a thief! Or shall I say, once a criminal always a criminal.. Oh, come on, I'm really bad at proverbs! ^_^
PS, I'm so glad we didn't have a prom.. =P


  1. i really dunno much about this the girl's name unknown? and prom? she was kidnapped form a prom? :S
    and whoa! you must have been very "zeelagadha" then :P

  2. edhuvahun edhuvaha eyna dhvas dhuvvaali nama kiddnap eh nukureveyne ennu...!! heheh..

  3. @Shweet, its a guy not a girl.. and no, I was talking about the pic, when I mentioned prom.. xD
    yeah, and see, being zeelagadha actually is good.. ^-^

    @Xef, thives thedheh.. next time, Im probably doing that.. haha


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