Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A to Z: Sliding Through The Rainbow

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A is for Ammu.. He’s gone to hospital for hithaanu kuran.. I shall go when the fun begins.. xD
B is for Blue, I still have to watch it..
C is for Cute Couples.. Some people just look so awesome together.. Like as if, they were made for each other! <3
D is for Dho! seriously, I'm tired of all those unnecessary dho’s.. evaahaka dho! haha
E is for Eyrugaves.. Mihaaruves.. He looks so cute.. Don’t ask who! haha
F is for Fish!
G is for Granny.. She says everyone lies to her. I said No, which is actually a lie.. So, everyone does lie to her.. )= That lie is just to make her feel better.. xD
H is for Halloween.. duh! If we had a costume party, I’d dress up as the wicked with of west.. haha
I is for I-didn't-win-the-Paris-Hilton-contest.. And I'm not gonna take no for an answer.. Its her loss! xD
J is for Jai Veeru.. haha
K is for Kaiveneege amaazu kamugaa vaa hageegathakee miey.. *sigh*
L is for Lilac plus Black nails.. I tried to do nail art, but no nail art pens available here.. )= Hmph..
M is for Main Aur Mrs Khanna.. It was a bit boring at the start, but so much fun at the end.. Deepika FTW!
N is for Nail art.. *sigh*
O is for Om Prakash Makhija! Om Shanti Om rocks.. \m/
P is for Pink Hijab Day! Yayy! I'm wearing a pink scarf today.. xD
Q is for Quota.. Sheesh, I'm doing all accounting.. Gee..
R is for Row Row Row Your Boat!
S is for Shilpa Shetty, finally she’s engaged! xD
T is for Tinsel town! Too much bollywood, I know.. (=
U is for Umbrella!
V is for Voodoo dolls.. I had a real nightmare last night, after so many days of sweet dreams.. I was so scared.. >.<
W is for What's your Raashee? 
X is for Extremely weird people! Weird is good.. But not extremes!
Y is for You Maybe.. I'm in love with that song.. xD
Z is for Zebra!

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