Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Taste Of Love

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Its only been like, one and a half month, since I’ve started to work in HFM.. I've hosted almost all shows at least once, and my favorite all time is BGK (bollywood ge kahaani) which is now my show! xD
and, since last Tuesday, I’ve been co hosting one of the most famous programs in hfm, Chocolate.. I swear I don't really know anything about love and relationships, other than those stuff at seventeen meg, which I don't get now, cos no bookshop at Maldives thinks anyone will read it.. bleh!
Moving on, chocolate I tell you, is purely based on love, being its centre point.. and on top of that, I have to host with kel, who, as most of you who follow me on twitter would know, is like, a one man show.. And with my pea sized vocabulary, it is definitely hard for me to actually beat him, which results in me being like the “non arguing type”.. I do agree, I get along with people a little too well.. and it takes quite sometime for me to realize what's going on! Blame it on me being a lousy teenager and all!
Anyhow, what I'm trying to say in all this nonsense, is that you guys SHOULD listen to chocolate! It’s fun.. So, keep tuned to 96.2 HFM, Sunday to Thursday, 10 to 12!
And I’ve been losing the balance of, life, in the last few days, which is exactly why you didn't get to read last week’s A to Z.. It was already boring enough!
and to the twitsal, you guys rocked.. How I wish I was there. But don’t worry, I'm giving a tribute to you guys by wearing the lovely tee you guys made! xD


  1. another awesome post......

    first of all congra on getting your own show.....

    i thoguth u lots ur touch of blogging... but it seems that ur back ....

  2. ann... and one more thing... i remember how u started in bollywood ge kahani.... u should look at how u perform now.... what i am trying to say is that you will improve in chocolate...

  3. nt so fond of listening to all those FM seems that chocolate will be a interesting one...

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  5. @Muawwaz, thanks.. yeah, how could I ever let go? =p
    thanks.. xD

    @smokescreener, yeah, me nither.. I never listen to fm channels.. lol..

    @AR, thankyou! xD yeah, thuttha says so too.. and I do read her blog.. xD

  6. Inpirational And Great Posting . You Have Some Very Unique Writing Skills :)


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