Thursday, October 8, 2009

A to Z: Boring-ness

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A is for Aladin.. Can't wait for the movie! xD
B is for Barbie and the three musketeers! Not your usual barbie movie.. and I loved it!
C is for Chocolate, the taste of lurrve! <3
D is for Diary Girl, something of a surprise, more like a dream! I have been planning on doing it for one month, but never did it.. I still need more motivation!
E is for Ed Westwick.. Chuck Bass, if you must know.. I had a poster of him in my room, and Mickie tore it.. and Muntha was laughing.. Apparently she hates him.. I smell Sabotage!
F is for Five Hundred Days of Songs, I know AGAIN! But this time, I'm gonna make it work.. I promise!
G is for Good Morning Baltimore! Harispray..
H is for Hum-tum-ek-kamreyme-band-ho! And we lost the key! lol
I is for I’m late in posting this! But then, who cares anyway?
J is for Jane from Sea of shoes! She’s like my icon! I wish my mom had a shoe obsession like hers!
K is for Kudadhattha beybe, who’s an uncle in law of mine.. He ate my cooking chocolate.. )=
L is for Lovely blog readers and followers, and fans.. Thankyou all..
M is for Magnum Classic.. Sometimes it takes a magnum, and a Barbie cartoon to bond relations! *wink*
N is for Ninni.. I just missed her.. )=
O is for October.. I donno why, but I just love this month! xD
P is for Polyvore, I'm so definitely addicted to it!
Q is for Qwerty!
R is for Raise your voice! I'm like, Hilary Duff freak! lol.. And I only watched it recently!
S is for Strawberry fields, this cute photo..
T is for Twitsal.. I'm so sad I missed the event! But, don't worry, I'm wearing the tee like, all the time.. lol
U is for Ultra feminine ruffles.. I'm in love with certain spring 2010 collections.
V is for Very-disturbing-people who call me by midnight! Duh! Seriously, I'm not the type of person who would give up my sleep to talk on the phone.. NO! unless of course if I have a crush on that person, or if he was Taylor Lautner!
W is for Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.. Selena Gomez doesn't get any more cuter than this.. Plus, I love Justin and Max! xD
X is for Exclamation Mark.. I love it!! right!!! lol!!! Ok, enough..
Y is for Yeh Rishta something, and all crappy traditional drama series which mom watches.. And her favorite has to be that stupid Ijajat!
Z is for Zilch.

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