Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Too busy to breathe.

Really. I have had the most happening week so far. So on Friday, my BRM group and I were working at my place when a huge palm leaf came and hit Saa and me. Unfortunately, the hard part hit hee, and the leaves hit me, so I was OK but she was hurt badly so we took her to the hospital. This was the second time I have been to the hospital in the last five years, mostly due to my phobia, but that day I was so concerned for her, I almost forgot I had a fear of hospitals. Insha Allah, she is doing fine, and she was really brave. I'm so proud of that girl!
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So on Saturday, we went to meet the dean of FHS, but no luck. Beautiful place, that faculty. I feel sad for having to go to the tiniest faculty ever! -__- Anyhow, on Sunday, I had to turn in an assignment, conduct interviews with some people which went amazingly well, got really scared about the Applied Project which we have to do next semester and had a great time. At evening, I took Mickie to the MNDF fair, which was super duper fun, except guns are super heavy so I'm glad I'm not in MNDF. Like I could ever be one, ha!
Today, I had two interviews, three meetings to discuss three assignments and a class. I have never been so busy, except for the time in YLP and London. Also on Wednesday I am leaving to Bandos (yay me!) to attend a workshop as a facilitator. Really excited for this. 

Some random facts;
  • Most people are too afraid to ask things, which they could have if they did in fact, ask.
  • Having no credit is a really sad thing. :(
  • Belts are pretty cool, so are bright colors
  • When you actually like people, they most probably would like you back
  • Most people like people with a good sense of humor, me included
  • Walking in Male' is a pain in the butt.
  • UN building is really beautiful and working there has been my lifelong dream.
PS Happy May Day!


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