Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Playlist

It's Monday again, and I have been extremely busy the last few days. So busy I couldn't even spare time for people. I am leaving to Laamu for a workshop this week and I have an assignment due on Thursday which I need to finish and submit on Wednesday since I leave that day and on top of that I have my thesis and a farewell party to get ready to. SO MUCH WORK! 
I also haven't been able to listen to much music, and so here's what I've got so far

I'll Be There For You by The Rembrandts
The FRIENDS theme song. This is my current ringtone and I love it. It is such a fun, upbeat cool song that you just cannot hate. I also love the version of this where the cast of FRIENDS invade which The Rembrandts are singing and make funny faces and have an awesome time. Gotta love Pheebs, Rach, Mon, Ross, Chandler and Joey!

Good Time by Owl City ft Carly
Another great song by Owl City. I love the video and I love how the song always makes me feel good. So whenever I hear this, no matter how bad it is, until the song ends it is such a good time.

Wide Awake by Katy Perry
Usually Katy's songs are rather fun and this one's no exception. I love how she incorporated refernces to all her other videos in this song's video. Also whenever this song comes up, I suddenly feel very at alert. ha

Mr.Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan
THIS is so so amazing and makes me want to dance whenever I hear it. Just love it.

No Name by Ryan O'Shoughnessy
Nawaf introduced this song to me just yesterday and since then I've been listening to it every now and then throughout the day. The lyrics are just so good. I love a song that is so simple and romantic and just makes you feel all good inside. You gotta hear this, and watch the video while you're at it.

When She Was Mine by Lawson
It is a sad song, but there's just something to it that makes you feel that life is just, ah. Well, I don't know. I just like it a lot.

Dil Sambhal Ja Zara from Murder 2
LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. Great song, and it is my number one song to sing in my head while I'm walking down the road. It's my personal walking anthem. It is very interesting and makes me feel like I'm the only on on the road which helps. :P All this time I thought the video would be something very sad and nice, but it turns out to be a seduction song. O.o

Have an awesome time guys. :)

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