Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The meanest thing you ever did is come around

Hi there. I have been all over the place travelling around and having a great time, and procrastinating on my thesis as usual. The LTLT at L.Gan was really great and we had a good time there. The main difficulty was managing 40 people, and getting them to stop talking and also talking in Dhivehi was a bit of a challenge which is such a shame since we're all Maldivians. I feel so sad that my Dhivehi is so bad, when did this even happen? I do talk in Dhivehi a lot, but I talk in English a lot more I guess. *sigh* Does this ever happen to you? I even think in English, which is a bit bizarre I guess, but it's normal to me. I once even asked a classmate if he thinks in English or Dhivehi and he said it was a weird question. O.O 
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Last week, and most of this week I was at Himmafushi celebrating Eid with some relatives. We went there for A's birthday party but I stayed over because I wanted to see the Eid celebrations. I was there last Eid too, and I has lots of fun. They play Eid very differently than the people at my mom's island. But mostly, we spent a lot of time watching movies. I watched The Amazing Spider-man  which was so so good, and I even watched The Spider-man 3 which was not that bad, and Jaws and some Hindi movies. Barfi was one of them which I absolutely love. Ranbir and Priyanka are so good in it, and I love the story. Ek Tha Tiger and Housefull 2 were not bad, I didn't enjoy them a lot though. 
Now that I'm back, I'm trying to concentrate on my thesis, but I keep keeping it off which is really annoying. I am also thankful to my friend M who got me a lot of stuff I had wanted for the longest time and I was so excited all day. Seriously, you are just so great and I'm glad to have known you.
I hope you guys had a great Eid. Leave me a comment telling me what you did over the Eid. :)


  1. looks like u had a fun eid :) Im glad. Over here it was just a rainy day, with a few fireworks later on. eating magnum ice creams and catching up with old friends with the weirdest opinions in the world. and u know the rest :)

    1. I did. Fireworks are cool. haha, ofcourse I do. ^^


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