Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hipster Sister's Birthday

Remember my sister Myra? Well, she's rather hipster and we have this inside joke. So, from now on I shall refer to her as hipster sister. It's a term of endearment of course.

It's was her birthday yesterday. She turned 13. She was one of those people who were born in 2000 so remembering her age is real easy. Last year on her 12th, I wanted to give her a Hogwarts Acceptance letter and she declined it. She deems Hogwarts too mainstream. HAHAHA. 

She probably doesn't even read my blog (because even though this blog is very hipster, it's not hipster enough for her, haha) but here's wishing you a happy birthday kiddo. 

Despite everything, I hope you have a good day, and I'm so so sorry but also I'm glad that you're here. Without you, life would be dull. There'll be no person to read Sonnet 18 to, no one to mock of the things I love and no one I can talk absolutely any pop culture thing about. Also no one to take outfit pictures, and no one to hate my hijab style, haha. Our relationship is very weird but then again isn't it the same with all sisters.
I love you boo hoo, and you be good. You be very good because you are awfully amazing. You with your love for orange and hate for everything too known. You with your super long hair and flawless face that you never let me experiment make-up products on. You with your messy bed and your fear of Vshta Nerada
Oh you brilliant thing, if only you knew how amazing you are!
Have a blast, stupider sister. 

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