Sunday, September 8, 2013

I could really use a wish right now

I moved to a new place last week and have been super duper busy moving things, organizing and wearing the same flats with everything because my shoes were hidden in a box labeled utensils. ugh! Moving is depressing but also happy. Leaving the old place, the palm trees, the pretty little trees that grew on the side and the good neighbors who always gave me yummy desserts. I am going to miss Pictionary nights under the stars and baking with neighbors. Dates in the joalifathi and people calling me Sasha. 
There are good things at the new place too. Relatives as neighbors and more space for shoes. Spiral staircase and pretty ceilings. Rain on my windowsill and Mick's playhouse. 

I spent the last week also watching and loving Doctor Who, missing not having internet, but I got a lot of reading done and cleaned up a bit. Got sad over broken dream-catchers, and taught Mick some simple spells. Tried making something from the cookbook but didn't make it halfway through. Life is good, Insha Allah and I am hopeful about a lot of things. 

As for elections, I did go vote yesterday but forgot to bring my ID card so had to call my cousin and have him bring it. It was hilarious because I brought The Sandman Tales to read while waiting but forgot the most important thing, haha. 

Any fun incidents yesterday? I would love to hear how your week went!

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