Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DYMag August Issue

It's so hard to believe that it's been four months already. It almost seems like we were planning the first issue yesterday, haha. I am super happy about this little pet project of ours and so far I've gotten great feedback. I just hope that it inspires at least one person. 

So, August issue is so far one of my favourites. The cover band Turtle Theory is such a fun bunch of guys and their interview was so fun. It felt like we all knew each other for ages even though we were meeting for the first time haha. These guys know how to have fun! Also, they are so talented, seriously. 

Inside this Issue:
DYM Recommends by yours truly which is super fun to write letting you guys know which movies and books we are into each month. Dholhas and Sifr's story is a bit fun, a bit weird and a whole lot of interesting. I can't wait for the next part of the story. 

Next is my absolute favourite part, the lookbook. We did the photo-shoot in just under three hours. Four wardrobe changes and all. Sam was a great sport and looks gorgeous. Shuma as usual just know what goes with what and our lovely assistants Luha and Thoopi made the whole experience so much better. The best part is the photographers, Shanan and Toby who waited for an hour for us to come and then were super duper fun and we had a blast making jokes and taking great pictures. Also Dapper (the store, which has some amazing stuff) was super nice and let us use their fitting room to change between shots. Best. Photoshoot. Yet. 

Shuma's shoe spread featuring Finesse shoes and Navin's photography is always a refreshing addition. Also, you can see me modeling for the awesome Hijab tutorial by Niu with photos by Shuu. Sadly, getting a model in this town is hard work. The cover interview of TT will make you laugh and laugh a lot more, while Andhu's Dhivehi articles always make me feel so patriotic. Going more into patriotic theme, Shanaz and Isham's articles will make you wonder where this country is headed. 

Nasif writes about celebrating diversity and Shaayan's article makes me want o buy a hat! Shaam's blog-post is featured which shines some light on voting. Thihnan, our health expert tells us about a disease I've never heard of - Psoriasis and also given tips of reducing hair-fall! Amazing stuff there. 

As usual, girl in toque gives us another nutty recipe and our resident poets Naael, Shifraz and Mh blows us away with their words. Overall, this is our most rich in content issue yet and we hope that you enjoy it. 

Also, September issue is going to feature a group of really cool people whose work we love and makes us laugh plus a LOT more amazing content, so stay tuned!

CLICK HERE to read the August Issue!

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