Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Wish

So, this life is so small, yet the longest thing we'll ever do. It's fun, exciting, sad, boring, sometimes even melancholy. If I had one wish for you, I would wish upon you happiness and courage. Happiness in the forms of people that love you, care for you and things that makes your heart flutter. Courage to face the battles, to go after your dreams and to chase the sun.

You and I, we are finite. We live for the day and we are gone. The little time we have, we must do everything to leave a mark, a legacy so our friends, family and those fortunate enough to have children can look up to. 

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People tell me that my life list is filled with stupid things. I agree. They are stupid, but they are mine. They make me happy and that's enough. One life is a very short time to please everyone. For when you are I are gone, what is left? 

This blog. I hope that people will read it, and know that somewhere in a little part of this big globe, there was this one girl. They would read about me, my almost mundane life. Maybe I won't make a big difference. Maybe I'll just be that one blog in the corner of the massive internet that has a giant life list with so little crossed off. I don't know. People often say that when you die, everyone listens to you. Maybe then they'll listen to the words I write here. 

I am a bit scared, a bit nervous, but not melancholy. Sure, there's a sadness of not knowing what is coming, but also doubt and prayers. Maybe I'll be brave. Maybe I'll cry a lot but at the end of the day, it's the standing up from the tears of your soul that builds you up. 

So my wish to you, is that you live your life. Don't wait for what's to come, embrace it! Time waits for no feeling. Make a life list, try to live everyday in ways that makes you happy. 


  1. This is beautiful and quite thought provoking. I love that you have stupid stuff on your life list. That's probably what makes it special and makes it YOU. Dreaming big is what's going to take you places :)


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