Sunday, April 5, 2015

Have Courage and Be Kind

Last weekend, two of my friends Shamma and Niu went to watch Cinderella the live action movie. We even dressed up in blue and Shamma made us very adorable hijab pins with a little shoe charm.
Growing up, I used to love Cinderella and of course the original Disney movie is still among my favourites so obviously I was excited to watch it.

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The movie was exactly what you'd expect and more. I loved that they stuck to the book so closely, only changing a little bit. The authenticity was charming, especially because most modern remakes will change the story so much. Everything about it was lovely. The scenery, the actors, the story line, the quotes, the clothes, ahh. The clothes were fantastic and I'm still haunted by how gorgeous Cinderella's wedding dress was. Especially the stepmother's clothing was just spectacular. In fact, I think Cate Blanchett stole the show. She was incredible, of course. She literally gave me goosebumps with some lines and she played the part so well. Lily was wonderful as Cinderella. She made us realize why we love Cinderella and shows that we have a bit of Ella in all of us. Helena Bonham Carter, how do I even begin to describe how she makes all her roles better just by her presence? She was quirky and definitely the embodied the fairy godmother we all wish we had growing up.

Overall, you know what you're getting into (I mean, it's a tale we've heard so many times eh, how could here even be spoilers?) so the only reason you go watch it to see some magic, to be entertained, to get yourself lost in nostalgia and childhood cheer and hi movie delivers it so well. It makes you remember all the good times and make you feel like the princess you loved reading about. This movie is for everyone, whether you are a little girl just finding yourself a new princess (who says old classics are boring for current generation?) to adore or for us twenty somethings who grep up with these characters and its a coming of age scene, or for the older generation who has seen so much of the hardships, they deserve a nice little break. They deserve a bit of magic.

Rating: 5/5

I'll leave you with the most wonderful quote from the movie: Have courage and be kind because where there's kindness, there's goodness and where there's goodness, there's magic.

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