Thursday, April 2, 2015

7th Blogiversary!

Ahh, It's been 7 years. SEVEN. I cannot even fathom the idea that I've been sharing parts of my little life with you internet friends. WHOA. You've seen me be a giddy teenager, care about too many things, worry about exams and boys and all those things, become who I am today. You've been there and often the knowledge that there are people out there who are cheering on me makes it worthwhile. I see this blog as a little part of me and yes I know in recent years I've shared less than I used to, but I still think of you guys as family, the bestest of people. 

The last 7 years have been truly wonderful. I've made wonderful friends through this blog. I've met the sweetest and most loving people and I've been able to inspire several people to start blogging all of which are great accomplishments in my book. 

So, thank you. Thank you for staying with me and I hope to continue this blog and that you will continue to grow with me. I hope you have a wonderful day. Today I got some very wonderful news and I'm extremely happy as well as celebrating with cake and friends later.  

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