Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Baskin-Robbins always find out.

Last month, my friend Niu and I went to see Ant-Man. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a fan of action movies but I was looking forward to this movie for the longest time because of Paul Rudd. I've been a fan of him since Mike Hannigan and will always watch anything he's in. 

The movie was absolutely amazing. Of course it was filled with action and lots of cool geeky stuff like references to other movies and it was so funny. The Mexican guy stole the show with his storytelling and most of it, I enjoyed the story line. 

The parts where he's tiny and moving across, overcoming obstacles and challenges were both nerve-wrecking and exciting to watch. I definitely loved them the most and I was able to get by the action (still not a fan of the fights, no matter how cool some moves are, I appreciate it but don't enjoy it) with minimal discomfort so that was a plus. 

Do get it on BluRay or DVD because Paul was amazing in it and it's one of the better action movies I've watched this year. Funny despite how much I dislike action movies, I tend to go to them because Schwack brings a lot of action movies and all my friends are a fan of them haha


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