Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Currently: September 2015

Ahh, what a busy month this has been so far. The good thing is I started keeping up to date with series. I used to be the kind of person who watched stuff only once the season is over. Now I'm the kind who keeps up with the shows as soon as they come out. I'm still settling to this new way and it's hard. This is what has been keeping me busy this month.

The Astronaut Wives Club S1 | Ever since I heard of the book and that it was made into a TV show, I had to watch it. I love everything vintage and 1950's and this is just perfect. I also have a new found appreciation for astronomy and space related things so this was just calling my name. 

Full House S6 | I do love shows with kids in them and who can ever forget this classic show? I feel like Myra, Mick and I are Stephanie, Michelle and DJ. It's such a blast to watch together and I adore all the clothes, hair and the PG rated jokes. 

Into the Woods | I am a sucker for fairy tales, Disney, Meryl, Anna Kendrick and Jhonny Depp so obviously I enjoyed this movie. It was so jolly and amazing with so many cool twists and basically such a wonderful time. 

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee | This is my favourite fiction of all time, and for this month's Page Turners Book Club, we are reading it. I'm so excited to get back into adventures with Scout, Jem and Dill. 

The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel | The book that the TV show is based upon. I'm reading along (but watching the show before) so I get to see the characters as the actresses in my head while I read and it's written very beautifully. 

WILD by Troye Sivan | Troye has such a hauntingly beautiful voice it would be injustice not to hear it over and over again. I just got this from my friend Abo and have been listening non-stop. 

What's keeping you entertained this month?

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