Thursday, December 17, 2015


Every now and then the Maldivian twitter scene breaks into something fun like battle of the avah, Spread wars and Yaamyn's profile picture decree. Yesterday, a new hashtag was born #HaveeruMovieTitles thanks to Haveeru and their clickbait article where they literally translated a movie title. Clearly, this is something Haveeru often does as the #TranslateLikeHaveeru suggests.

Here are some of my favourites. 

We all need a little Angelina Jolie to spice up our life
Here's a superhero who's obsessed with sugar
Baa Baa Black Sheep?
This title cannot be any clearer
When your obsession with jewelry is too high
Keynu you not?
When you get your shrinking spells wrong
All these paper people with their paper lives, ugh
Ofcourse nothing would ever be complete without Harry Freaking Potter making a scene
When you have to write party invitations and you only remember the guy's name
When you're so bad at dancing, it should be illegal
Now I know why I'm afraid of hiking
This is gonna be us when we're old and grumpy
When your sister is mad at you and won't stop hitting ugh
When you're really mad at someone but they're already dead
Is this a trick question?
Some heroes live in the dark ages
Don't you just wanna do this to people all the time?
When you break your fast and the only food there is dates, ugh
I can't even
This is when you're just so done you don't feel a thing
You mean another name for Maldives according to old people?
Pinterest crazies always need some dhalhu in their life
and here's three in a list, woohoo
Your parents probably said this at some point in your childhood.
and ofcourse I can't end this post without adding some of mine

How did twitter react to this? Some were so glad this happened

and others were sad they missed it which was surprising considering it went on for more than 10+ hours
Overall, it was such a happening day, all thanks to Haveeru. I'm glas it inspired me to get out of my blogging hiatus to bring you this. 


  1. I think those making fun of this have to learn the usage of quotation

  2. OMG.

    At least now people will have to start thinking why 'language' changes perceptions.

    Have you heard of a Maldivian king who sent an emissary to Tamil Nadu to find out what the Tamil language is like and he came back and replied to the king: "It's like akiri (corals) shaken in a dhalhu (tin)".

    It's written in Maldivian history and probably I am quite influenced by it.

    I am sure 'Thari Hanguraama: E baaru alun heylaifi' does not convey the real meaning but at least now people will know that human mental development in every society is limited by their language. So if they got this message, my point has been made :-)

    And that's why nobody should be racist enough to make fun of other people's languages.

    And as some of my know by now due to your learning foreign languages (such as Japanese, French, etc), learning a foreign language opens our eyes to new ways of thinking other people in other societies have.

    But some of those tweeps may have been just making fun of "stupid Haveeru writers" like me. But who cares. As I always say, even if one person is positively impacted by anything I write, I don't care what the rest of the 99 billion people think!

    So, this made my day, too, and I had as much fun reading the #HaveeruMovieTitles as all of you others there.

    Have a good day Shaha and everyone.


  3. My take from the linguistic perspective is that there are things you should translate and you shouldn't word for word. I once read a document about gaining footholds during the British occupations. The translation went something like "fai vihdhun..."

    On the other hand, it's clever to use translation tactics to make an article catchy but the author has to be smart about it. My English teacher told me after I wrote an article in which I described a very modern building in a rundown town as a scarecrow. She said something that goes (I'm paraphrasing): I know what you were trying to imply, but a scarecrow is usually ugly, full of straw, and not well maintained. It's the opposite of the building you're trying to describe.

    So there's that. Be creative but don't lose what you're trying to say. And also, thanks for the chuckles the article provided. As I'm not a fan of Star Wars, I think the article (and its consequences) are better than the movie for me. ^_^


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