Monday, August 18, 2008

The Arrival of the Unexpected

So, I got the results. I was like the only person in class who didnt want to see the results, and apparently I was happy that I lost my pin. But then the results came and Im pretty satisfied. Here's a briefing
298/300 A Wow, I just had to get it. I was pretty sure I'll get an A since I did Accounting last year and got a B. So mom was telling me dat if I didnt get an A this time it surely would ve a big shame. ^.^. And congrats to all who got full marks.

Unit 1 77/90 A Yeah Im pretty happy with this since I learnt for this.
Unit 2 108/120 A Whoops. I was pretty surprised since unit 2 is somehting I hate and dont even talk about BCG. I simply coulnt understand all those theories and blah blahs, This was unexpected!=)
Unit 3 68/90 B. This was less than expected, but then again Im gonna do this paper so it doesnt matter!

Unit 1 84/90 A Simply a Wow. Since economics is a subject I really hate but I did learn for this and Thank god!
Unit 2 77/90 A No comments
Unit 3 52/120 E Yuck! So I accept that I dont know about the fiscal policy, monetary policy, Exchequer, whatever. This is the most boring unit from the most boring subject.

C1 65/100 C Well, No comments
C2 28/100 Probably a U Uh, I wanted to decline this paper but since I was late, so I did Just 2 questions and slept in the hall (not exactly slept, but kinda :P).
S1 58/100 D Barely a pass. But this was something I liked and learned! =(

So that was it. Still now Im not feeling so good but atleast I'm Ok. And 3 of my friends got posts. Congrats Taxu, the new president of BS, Naxx the new senior vice prez of BS ( Well, we were so sad that nax may not get it, but then Thoriq sir proved that he had the power!, by introducing the new post of senior vice prez. Congrats Naxx) and Hasyb the new vice prez. Wow, this is what we planned last year. And we even have the leaders chosen for Business festival. Yay. Me, Vishah(Jimmy Neutron), Rifga(Spongebob) and Rafsan (RafRaf). Wow. We surely will have some competetion this time. And Apparenly u now Who's gonna Win, Right? :P


  1. u havnt thanked allah even once!! you wudnt hav got dose grades if it wasn by Allah's will
    anyway masha Allah...keep up the good work..may Allah bless u

  2. @ Anony
    Well thats the fist think I did, and I thing u havent read the whole thing.

    Unit 1 84/90 A Simply a Wow. Since economics is a subject I really hate but I did learn for this and Thank god!"

    And By all means Thanks god for giving what I have. And thanks for the good wishes. May god bless you too. =)

  3. c2!
    congratulations on accounting though..thats pwetty good =)

  4. @ Shweetikle
    Shweetickle!wow! cool name.Oh yah c2 dhoa! hehe, didnt even expect that much! thx

  5. shaha, is economics really a boring subject? i m sad to hear that! since i didnt get u much in my classes for unit 3, u might hv not understood what is monetary policy and what is fiscal policy and what is crowdingout!!!! right?? dont miss the classes this year. Unit 4 is gonna really tighter than unit 3. n dont say that ECON Is boring.. atleast for ur miss!!! :)
    S A H

  6. @ Simi Ms,
    Oh, Im trying not to miss classes this year! Yeah and we are doing unit 3 again! Yeah I still don't understand that policies, but Im started unit 3 again.Thx for commenting. =)

  7. shaha! okie.. thats the spirit! learn Econ with full spirit!... ask pragya or xaico .. they will never tell unit 3 is tough!!.. convey my regards to pragya, manarath, and ishrath.. and all the naughties in Econ A class. I really miss them!.
    and i m surprised to see that u hav such a wonderful blog.
    lovely pinky!!

  8. @Simi miss
    hehe, yeah they did the unit well. We miss u too. Thankyou, Tc


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