Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Forgot My Birthday!

So Today is my birthday, (15th Shauban) and it's always been a tradition that my whole family will celebrate my both birthdays. But this time, I bloody forgot my own birthday! Sigh
So it all stated when last night at 12 30 dhontha, a long distant relative called and wished me,(I was like, Hell? It isnt even my birthday, then I remembered, and ofcousre when I slept, I forgot). So I was fasting today since it was hiyarakaiy or whatever, and the whole day I spent Listening to Miley's "7 things" and ofcouse singing it loudly(Even in the toilet), and reading Sheila O'Flanagan's "Anyone but him" and mom was thinking I was turning mental. Every body kept asking me whether I had a breakup (which could happen only if I had a bf) , So freaking. So By the time , the prayer went and it was time for me to break my fast, I had quite a surprise! Dad brought me Pizza (Juway's of course) and coke and a lovely handmade birthday card. (I love you daddy, you're the best dad ever, cheering up my whole day), but then again I felt so eww( donno why) and In tution too I had a feeling that everybody was pretty like, thinking about why I was sa changed, and Some ppl actually asked. Gosh,

So Im going to make a kinda confession, not really but then : Im not really feeling well these and my all time smiling, bubbly, active, talkative, whatever mood is temporarily gone. I feel as if my life is in a big mess (im not Psyco or anyting) but God nows what is happening to me! (and please I haven't fallen in Love or anyhting)! I really hope to be back blogging soon, But for now, All i need is a BREAK !


  1. i think ur life is turning into a different road... the way u said u forget ur birthday is a message to you saying becareful:0

  2. @ hrmaster
    REally? Oh nO! And thx for telling, I probably will be careful from now on! ^.^

  3. roadha ah hure ves lava dho adu ahanee saabas keekuran hifaa roadha eh

  4. @ Anony
    Umm, I did pray and recite quran but since I d them regularly I didnt intend to write it here, but I guess I wrote about the song thing cos i was a lil obsessed with the song.

    Thx for commenting

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