Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Movie Review: Bachna Ey Haseeno

So this was the movie of the time! The one everyon's talking about, and I watched it last week. It was a really cool movie. There was Ranbir, the typical playboy who's like first gets on with Minnisha, then dumps her and then gets off with Bipasha, and dumps her off too, and goes to Sydney on their wedding day without marrying her. He finds deepika there, fall in love with her and Deepika dumps him off. Then he realises his mistake and goes asking for forgiveness to Minissha and Bipasha, and returns home to find hundreds of letters from deepika. Then they get off and happily ever after does the film end!, And it has lots of funny, LOL moments and the cutest songs ever! I specially like the "Small Town Girl" song.

So I'd recomment this movie for all u guys. Its a one u should watch!

PS, This Simon Something, The Shadow prime minister of House of commons, Member of parliament, and president of Some Liberal party whatever, came to school today and gave a big lecture on politics. Gosh and I had to go there, I was forced. Sheesh! And Im not yet even 18, and lemme tell u! He talked onsense and half the time I was asleep or talking to Nax, who was actually listening pretty well to the damn boring speech. As Gigs said, He and politics dont mix together and neither do I! Eww. Any ways off to learn Islam, Wish me luck!

Double PS, I wanna introduce you guys to a new friend of mine, and a recent blogger, Poorvi. Her blog is http://poorvi11.blogspot.com/ . Do pay a visit to her blog. She's a really creative and artistic person!

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