Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Movie Review: Money hai to honey hai

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So this was the last movie I watched (yesterday), And the only reason was cos Hannsika is in da movie.
The typical movie about money. It's where there are 6 people who doesnt even know each other, who has big dreams but no money, and a millionare writes a will to give his company to these people. After he dies, they get the company and later find out that the company is in debt. Then as usually, unite together and hard work, gets them to their dreams. The plot was no good, and too many people ruined the movie. However, Govinda's acting was good(eventhough I hate him) and Hannsika, really good as usual. It's supposed to be a comedy, but it has only few scenes which were laughable!. Sheesh!, Ending was pretty good, and the songs were OK.I would tell you, that this film is no good. But if u r a fan of Hannsika, or Govinda, ar any one else in it, you could bear it.
So, I Have a happy news! yay! I got selected for the ELA post. All thanks to god, my family and friends, and all who believed in me!
PS Im back to my normal mood and its really fun!


  1. i dont even wanna watch the movie

  2. @ .mini
    hehe, yeah its a super boring movie!=)

  3. hmm.. sounds like a bore! but congrats on being selected 4 the ela post! ^.^

    anyways, i updated so be sure to check it out!

  4. @Xeeko, Yeah, its a bore! and thx. On my way to ur blog. Can't wait for the Xeeko Special! =), Good luck!

    @Fur(5e's)ku, Sai onnaaneyey, and thx.

  5. hiyya..congrats..
    but isnt da movie ok?
    wel frm what i heard....

  6. @tazu...
    for da huggy.. Ummwah..
    YEah the movie was kinda Ok and boring too... Anyways thx for commenting gurl.. =)


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