Monday, August 11, 2008

"Cannot think of a title".....

So today I had this interview for ELA. (You know, Im going for da post of the president). And the interview went pretty good. I mean I survived with all those repeated irritating and totally useless Questions. WHat are we supposed to say when they ask "Why should we choose you as the president and not the others?", Crazy Question! Damn. I don't like bragging a lot. But trust me, In CHSE you just gotta brag in interviews, even if you haven't done a singe thing.
So, I hope I get the post. And in case I don't I have a Plan B, you know to convince everybody not to go to Debates and blah blah. :P
PS, Gigaflare, I really hope I don't get to do speaking with you in the exam.Seriously. And One thing I look forward is you and Pragya having to speak together. I could just imagine! *Devilish smile*
PS2, I just can't stop singing the "Jogi Mahi" Song from Bachna Ey Haseeno. It's really cool.


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