Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Innocent Boy

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See that boy over there?
The one with the dark hair
He looks nice and sweet
But in reality, he isn’t someone you’d like to meet
He is known for popularity
Good grades and friendly eyes
But he’s also known among the girls
For his nasty sense of style
Not the kind of style with fashion
But the kind with girls
Once he knows you like him
It’s the biggest mistake you could possibly make
Just snap your fingers
And the whole school knows
Your feelings for him
The ones that run from your head to your toes
He takes advantage of you
He uses you for answers and money
He pretends to like you back
But after you believe him, the middle of your heart will crack
So don’t fall for boys
Who look innocent and sweet
Because in reality, he isn’t someone you’d like to meet!
PS. I found this poem pretty interesting, and a bit true.. =D


  1. hmmmm...we could say da same fo girls ya.a meal between the two wont hurt either!

  2. hey this is wrongnot all guys ingae ...am a innocent looking guy with a "sence of style"/reputation with girls...but i dont go around breaking the hearts of girls....if u ever had read my blog u'll know what kinda guy i am :)

  3. ye.. i totally agree with both the above commentators with their somewhat typical perspective...

    everytime ppl breakup, they tend to switch to their NO-MORE-TRUST and ALL-R-daSAME situation. bt i dnt find it appropriate to label/treat the minority of little innocent buds on that ground. i mean they didn't do a thing bt stil then they get labld. to tel u da truth, this hasten them to get out of their innocent situ. and makes them stagger more abt wat kind of world they had been given birth to.
    FYI boys and gals included.

    nwys.. the poem is cool. it's got a real time story and say.. a morale gals shud stik to..:P keke
    wel gals.. grasp to it tite, i doubt u wil hav any safe route up there.

    Sorry for the long comment shaha. i didn mean to...

    NB. Shud i thank god for not making me luk like innocent n shweet..

  4. I agree as wel.. this is just so tru. :D
    But there is this teeny tiny possibility that one among 2,470,818,671 guys in the world could be different.
    Afteral, its not fair to paint all guys with the same brush (or color, watever word u choose:p)

  5. ye indeed true dho.. bt rifga...
    hwcme u came up with that number???
    i mean i never saw that particular no. in any book.. :P keke

    u askd for ma blog dho..
    its www.spuuuna.blogspot.com

  6. wow.. that's a nice poem.
    i agree with all of u guys..

  7. cannot be applied to every guy
    like the first anonymous said, can be applied for girls too

  8. nice one...
    jus droppin by :)

  9. @Anony aka Gigs.. yupp, it wouldnt.. =P Who said meals hurt you?

    @Darky.. Agree with you, innocent lil boy!=P

    @Manaaf.. yeah.. true, I gotta be more careful, eh?

    @Rif.. OMG! *shocked*

    @Manaaf.. Thx..And Rif can be very unpredictable.. She's just a mysterious book.. =P

    @Ruks.. Thx..


    @Nadh, Star.. Thanks.. =)


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