Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When you wish on a star

So, Tomorrow's my b day and Ive been so lazy.. I was planning on making a photo wish list, but these days, I either feel so tired or too busy.. Duh.. Busy Bee.. I know..


Lets see..

I want

  • a Disney monopoly board game
  • a pictionary
  • shoes (flats, Im tired of heels)
  • a chance to be an Rj for just trying out
  • rings, both toe and hand.. I like lil cute rings..
  • brooches
  • Coke
  • bags (i saw this one pink handbag in a shop in majeedhee magu, and im so in love)
  • Anything of HANNAH MONTANA brand (available at XO, near Symphony)
  • real flowers
  • handmade cards
  • =)
  • a msg
  • a call
  • or at last resort, a wish on the fb wall, Duh!
  • a guitar ( i know im getting my hopes high)
  • a cute beaded watch
  • movies ( i like comedy, and romance ones, and Disney of course)
  • a huggy hug
  • a top , tee type
  • cupcakes
  • pragya's mom's chocolate cake
  • Chocolates (cadbury)
  • Card making things (glitter, paper, and cute lil stuff)
  • make up stuff (=P)
  • Anything given with love...

That's almost all what i can remember now..

Well, Im enjoying my last hours as a sixteen year old.. hehe..



  1. first lets sing yu the birthday song for u:) i wish i can sing it on ur face:P


    as for the presents i feel sad that i cant give you any since i dnt know the address to deliver.:P i m sorry i dont kno a number to send u a mesg or to call...:P

  2. happy b day shaha ..well wen its 00.00 anyway..hmm i bet my mom's choccake can beat pragya's one by a mile hehehe anyway its another milestone for u huh..look back,pause for the memories,then look forward and keep moving for the things to come eh

  3. Hey dear. i read your blog. :)
    hmmm... i think i,ve given you,at least,one of the things in your most wanted list.. hehehe
    And ONE more thing is going to come to your....!!!! Guess..

  4. Its was me, NAx inge.. a little accident happened.. :p

  5. HAPY B DAY! I didnt forget, im just fashionably late! :P hehe.. wow, ur list is cool.. and ur finally 17! (has anyone told u its sweeter than 16?)
    wish u a great year ahead.. 17 or 70, remember that its still the same u, just a little wiser
    :D see u soon..

  6. hehe nax.. u forgot to write ur name:P again!

  7. happy belated b day.. :D..what kinda guitar do u have in mind??

  8. hi all....happy birthday shaha....nd wishing u all gud luck for the up comming unit tests....

  9. oohh....nd i hope the present i gave u...u liked it......

  10. oohh....nd i hope the present i gave u...u liked it......

  11. The Blog is very interesting its nicely done and well exsiccated I am look forward new things you are coming up with and keep up the good work I really liked it.

  12. I have all you wanted except the first one. (i have the world edition) xD

    Guurl, i wish you a glorious birthday in advance. I don't think i can wish you tomorrow =( No hard feelings okay?

    So, how old?

  13. happy belated b'day..hope u had a great time and hope u got most in ur wishlist....

  14. @Manaaf..
    hehe.. Thankew.. Nad i actually thought u were a friend of gigs.. hehe..

    I want ur mom's choc cake.. I want it.. I want it.. hehe.. And thanks..

    hehe.. as usual u always meet funny accidents.. hehe.. And thankew sho much dear.. It was so so so so cute.. hehe.. Buds 4 ever.. =D

    hehe.. Yeah, ur so fashionable late, as usual, and ur on da wanted list ( has anyone told u that ur missed? )

    Thanks.. I had a small, somewhat girlish guitar in mind.. But any type can suit me, cos i wanna learn how to play guitar.. hehe..

    Thanks.. that pen set was so cute.. Thanks again for that.. And gud luck 2 u 2

    Thanks sho much.. I hope i can keep upto ur expectations.. =)

    I just realised that this template doesnt have date.. I posted this on 17th. 18th is my b day.. hehe.. my bad.. anyways thanks so muchh.. =)

    Thanks.. Got a lot on that.. =D

    Thanks all u guys.. =)

  15. hehe.. i guess i better stay as an outcast..:P i dun think im gonna get a welkum bak that i'd rather have! :S

  16. @Anony.. oh no.. u are.. =P.. hehe


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