Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Best Birthday

This years b day was my best birthday till date.. I had so much fun, so much school, and well, almost every body i loved.

So, Just when it was 17th, wishes started coming.. Thanks to all of you who wished me.. through messages, phone calls, facebook wall, twitter, blog, b day blog, tagged, cfc, face to face, through ppl, through mega phone, through Sun Fm, Through Capital Radio, through Mail, Through MSN and through all other means.. hehe..

And about da wish list i posted.. I got a lot of things on da wish list..


This cute lil shoe( yeah i didnt mention which size dho) was from Zai.. one of my closest buds in class. With a cute card.. I almost feel like a cinderella..

IMG_3662 IMG_3567 IMG_3566

This ( something unexpected) was from Javad (a friend of Kuda)..I actually hate roses, but this was so so cute, Its so pretty, and it was one of da best gifts.. Those two cute hearts are so cute..


When i went to class, this cutie was sitting in my desk.. I still donno who it's from, yet Thanks to who ever gave me this.. It's wooden, and looks like vintage, and that's why I love it.


This cute handmade card was from Nax, another closest bud, and she didnt even knew my wishlist when she gave me this.. hehe.. It's like she ca know wht i want.. hehe.. Thanks sho much Naxx..


from Ishfah.. Another thing from wish list, before even reading the list.. hehe.. Thanks dude..


From pragya, along with her mom's choc cake, which was so delicious.. Thanks sho much.. I love this, It's a peachy pink and is so spring.. =)


A cute lil black dress from Zahy, Yash and her classmates..

IMG_3599 IMG_3615

Make Over stuff and cute lavender top from Thuttha.. Yay.. She took me to b day shopping, and i had an option of choosing anything i want, and i forgo the disney monopoly for this, and i think i made a good choice.. I love all of this, and a lot more from her which i forgot to take a photo.. She's the best sissy one could ever have.. =)


The cutest white prom type dress from Kootha.. I feel like an Angel 0=)


This was from Thittha.. She asked me what i wanted, and yes, i told her, a shoe.. And she actually brought me this cutest pair, Thanks sho much.. =)


This cutest pink piggy from Maryie and Itha, who claimed this to be so "Shahaish".. hehe.. It,s so cute and its taking its place near my best softies, Belle, Lola, Tweety and Snowy.. I haven't yet named this sweety.. Any ideas?


This cutesy pooh bear bag is from my cutest Aunt Kuda.. She knows me sho much, that without asking what i wanted, she brought me this, what i want the most.. It's in my fav colour, my fav bear, and fav insect (butterfly), in my fav fabric (felt).. hehe.. Thanks a bunch..


This cute coffee mug (with the cute monkey face) and a lovely card is from Maathu..


Cute Frame from Ith, my nephew.. =)

IMG_3609 IMG_3610

These cards are from da twins.. And they are sho cutesy.. The left one is from Ninni (the girl twin) and the other one from Ammu(the boy twin).. hehe..


These magnums (actually there were there,, but my uncle in law ate it..) are from my best next door neighbors.. The choc is from Muntha, my sissy..


This cute top from my best and the cutest mommy..


This cute pink and blue bag is from Dhontha, and Yaan.. It's so giguni and so pinkish..

hehe.. There were still more, which i forgot to take a pic, hehe.. Thanks to everybody who wished me again and for making this day the best birthday ever..

PS, How many times have i used cute in this post? Don't blame me, they were cute.. =P




  1. glad u had a gr8 bday.. :) m hapy for u shaha

  2. well im glad u like that vintage wooden can pop outta nowhere yes?

  3. wow! one rocking birthday eh?
    im glad you had fun!
    once again, happy belated birthday ^.^

  4. wow ..such a wonderful bday u had..lucky u hehe the gifts does look so no worries dat cute is used a lot ...afterall its the cutest word :)

  5. wow.. its seemed like a very "CUTE" b day indeed.. hehe
    salhi salhi.. cute cute...
    glad u had fun..

    hehe =] =]

  6. hurihaa eche ves hama v cute...then keep on hoping the next year b'day mi a vure happy vaane kama..hehe..

  7. late agn huh? hehe i guess i live in a time of my own :P dun count ur presents yet! im still nt done..

    PS: i will b anonymous this time.. but i guess the word 'late' gives u a hint huh? :) miss u c ya soon

  8. @Mike..Thankuu..

    @Gigs, Oh so u gave it. thx.. that was cutie.. I love vintage stuffy, and wooden thingys.. =P

    @Mini.. Yupp, Thankuu..

    @Silent.. yupp, cute is da word.. =)

    @lilly... Thankuu..

    @Sweet butterfly... Thankuu.. Keeping ma fingers crossed.. =)

    @Anony..hehe.. as usual guess who's late, Riff da late.. dho.. =P

  9. wtf.... y didnt i get any fuckin gift in my b'days
    im kinda jealous u knw, never had a b'day gift
    -my b'day sux-

  10. @Anony.. Oh, may be u should try giving people gifts on their b days.. Thats what i do all da time.. Even to people who aren't that close.. Make their days, and don't really expect anything from dem... And when's your b day? I could give you a gift.. =)

  11. we r poor baggers.. dnt hav money to buy some fucking b'day gifts.. but we've tried our best n presented them with their crushes, hee hee jus kidin u knw
    its a jealousy combination of luko n tradin:P
    -still our b'day sux-


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