Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love Is On Air

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I know, catchy title, eh?
So, I'm quite busy these days with office and all.. Yesterday I had my first experience on air.. It was fun..
And tomorrow I'm going to kuda bandos.. And no, I didn't know the youth day things were going to be held there.. I'm not a youth yet, so donno and don't care much.. I always thought youth day was march 1.. How the hell it changed to yesterday’s still a mystery to me.. So, Anyone who wants to explain it to me, is most welcome..
YES, I don't really listen to news.. But I do read the paper.. Only last two days the paper guy didn't come..
My fav part in Haveerupapers are the comics.. (=
Well, I've been thinking about updating my blog for long time, but now since I have two more blogs, I need to update them too.. Plus I'm designing a fashion line, so its quite busy these days.. Oh, and I'm thinking of calling my line “DiaryGirl” hehe.. Any feedback is most welcome.. Id really appreciate if you keep the negative comments to yourself..
BTW, If you wanna hear me on air, tune in to HFM 92.6 every Sunday  to Thursday at ten in the morning.. I know I don't have the best voice ever.. If I had, Id have sold 20 million albums by now.. =P
PS Happy belated youth day to all bodethi youth kudin.. I still have one more year.. (=
PS2 our cable TV thing has Disney Channel.. I just found out yesterday.. I'm so freaking happy..
PS3 I know my writing style has changed.. I used to be all sweet sweet, and now I'm more like cursing all the time, and being totally sarcastic.. hehe.. Im just trying new writing styles..But don't worry, I'm still the same sweet girl.. (=
PS4 Ok, no more PS’s.. I swear, this is the last one.. =P


  1. just one Question.... why did u call it "love is in the air"?

    hehe... nice post....

    and yea .... what does PS means? please say?

  2. hey dear , good luck with the dairy girl line.. and i think its a nice name for it. maybe use simple and upper case while spelling it will make it more better something like DaisYGirl or something you make your self. its your thing. good luck with it,do update me with it.

  3. best of the luck on the fashion line inge! =D ma best wishes with you. hopefully it would be awesome ;] and yeah, i would tune into hfm everyday, if i was living in male'. =[

  4. @Muawwaz, Oh, its just a joke about going on air.. lol..

    @Anony, thx.. (=

    @Nicklen, Thanks, will think abt it.. (=

    @Bchy, aww, haha.. thanks.. ^.^


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