Monday, August 17, 2009

Thanks for being the Best!

This post is a tribute to Thuttha, my fav relative..


She is a second cousin of mine, with whom I’ve lived only since two years ago.. We were pretty close back in our childhood..

She’s the sweetest person ever.. We have so much things in common.. Like Movies, (she would prefer English over Hindi any day), eating out (whenever we go out shopping, we eat out), shopping, coke, and dresses..We both love Shahid Kapoor, Chicken Mushroom Pizza, Beef Submarine, Disney Movies, Lavender and Vanilla Ice Cream..

At home we have teams, and me n thuttha are in one team.. Its more like since we both are what our parents call spoiled brats.. lol

We have had so many funny moments together..

She just finished her graduation, and got a job back in Island.. I'm so gonna miss her..

We also have differences like she hates bananas, and I love them.. And she hates Kareena and I love her..

PS I also met this really cool blogger, so here’s a shout out to him.. (=

PS2, and the picture’s for thuttha, since she also loves lilacs.. Its by Assica, On DeviantArt



  1. i kno da shahid kapoor guy!
    oh oh n i kno katrina too!
    munshi taught mee :D
    anyway...thuhtha must b a very nice person :)
    hope ull get to hang out wit her again someday.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. nice thuhtha u got there ... hehe
    a hi from me to her ...

  4. ur so lucky to have someone like that... life rocks right? hehe.... and u also never used a wallet? o.0

  5. @Rifu.. Aww.. Thanks.. So, Munshi has been a good teacher dho.. =P

    @Mauloof.. Aww, Thanks.. I almost forgot.. Hopefully will enter.. (=

    @Ne3.. hehe... Thanks..

    @Muawwaz... Yeah, life does..And no, I've used a wallet since I was 13 years old.. (=

    @Shweet.. Haha.. Lol.. dhen hama dhimaavedhaane ennu..
    Aww, and thanks.. adhi kiriya mi fenuny.. change on going.. (=


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