Sunday, August 9, 2009

An Update

As someone has noted, I'm such a lazy blogger.. haha.. Well, lazy enough that I actually was on this list of bloggers who update regularly.. lol..

Life’s going pretty well.. I just got a job at HFM.. So, now you’ve got another excuse to tune your radio's to 92.6.. xD

Well, the only thing I'm worried about right now is my results..

And thanks Muawwaz, for making this cute website for me.. its so me-ish.. i know.. Muntha says so too.. so it must be.. xD

Well, I'm now officially and earlie birdie.. Cant be more merrier..

PS Happy belated  birthday Xef..



  1. aaaaaaaah niiice :D
    congrats gurrl xD *thumbs up*

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  4. u join HFM!!! wow wow.. which show you are presenting...juss let me know k.!!! and wow..thanks heheh...cheeers

  5. hey... why don't u give the link to your website somewhere.....? wudn't dat be nice... i guess no one actually knows about it yet.....

  6. @Rifu.. Thanks.. Yay... ^.^

    @Mauloof.. Aww,thanks.. (=

    @Xef.. Bollywood ge Khaani..A hindi request show.. =]

    @ne3... (=

    @Muawwaz... Posted.. (=


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