Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where’s the Necklace?


Ramazan Mubarik everyone.. A little post to let you know Im still alive, and ready for the month of blessings..

I remember a childhood memory when for the first time Mom called me for haarukaan, and I asked her where the necklace was.. And I told that Id eat nothing but a necklace.. Lol

Well, I also got my “You Know Whats” and Thank god, the edexcel ones were great.. Im so happy.. But still scared about Islam and Dhivehi.. Wish me all the luck..

PS, The girl in the pic by Timeless Images is actually eating a candy necklace.. Now I would like to eat that for haaru.. Lol


and Happy Ramazan.. (=


  1. so mirey ves hama haaru dho kanee :p lol

  2. haaru nooon ehceh nukaathi ingey .... bloooooooo

  3. lol. konme echeh keyas haareh gothah athuraafa kaalaa dhen.

  4. lol. that's an old and really common joke.

    candy necklace, huh? is the string also edible? :S


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