Monday, February 8, 2010

Better Late Than Never


I was just going through my February goals (that’s for another post) when I realized how I haven't even shared with you my new years resolutions.

Last year’s ones were a bit too ambitious, and I couldn't keep most of it,  so this year I made fewer important resolutions, which I hope to keep throughout the year.

This year of course is a big year for me, with my birthday coming up, and starting college, etc. So, I made 5 subcategories and here’s the list!

1. Take daily outfit photos (I used to do this, and now its over, since I have very few dresses. and I have taken photos already!)
2. Read about styles in magazines and blogs
3. Plan in advance of what to wear
4. Update blog thrice a week
5. Design more stuff
6. Sew more

7. Procrastinate Less
8. Keep a personal journal/ diary and write in it daily
9. Brag less, and be more modest
10. Stop being jealous of others and cherish what I have
11. Make monthly goals and try to achieve them
12. Live life to the fullest

13. Make cards more often, so I have cards for birthdays and other occasions
14. Make a scrapbook to put all my scrapbook pages
15. Make scrapbook pages more often
16. Make everything more personal by adding crafty touches
17. Be inspired
18. Participate in challenges at least twice a week

19. Be more friendly
20. Make first impressions better as they last longer
21. Keep in touch with friends
22. Be a good sister, a good daughter, a good student, and a good RJ..
23. Don't get sucked up in peer pressure
24. Always do more than what is expected

25. Enjoy whatever you do
26. Don't let others/other things change me, change them instead
27. Save more
28. Update blog twice a week, and keep up with other blogs
29. Read more and less screen time
30. Live Love Laugh

Anyways, about my life right now, college is fun, except at Sundays and Thursdays, that's when I have accounting, which used to be my fav subject back in secondary school and high school. Not anymore. I donno what the teacher has against me, but I’m not making it personal, or letting anyone ruin college life for me! >.<

And, on another note Thuttha is BACK!

I’m having fun.

image by indiae, DA


  1. hey your kinda random and i like you!!:) my blog is well i actually have two but my best one is...

    haha i know that was weird but you remind me of well me:) haha

  2. @Lou
    aww, thanks. I cant see your blog URL, but saw your blog via my cbox.
    thanks for visiting. (=

  3. Hi!
    I’m a nineteen years girls, I’m from Paris, and I don’t know how I found your blog, I think it’s with “Next” on the top of another blog.
    So I’m writing to you because I love your blog, I like the way you write, and I’m like you, I have a big problem with lists! I do lists for everything! What I want to do, what I want to buy, what I like or hate, and more again ^^
    So, I think I’ll come back here to read when there’s news 
    Have a nice day  & sorry for my English xD

  4. @Soy,
    I can't believe this. Thats so sweet of you. I love Paris!
    And ofocurse I am glad to find that I'm not the only one who loves lists. They rock! xD
    And thankyou for making my day!

  5. Nice pic' !!

    I'm so sorry I didn't see your aswer before (I'm blond hair girl =P not my fault =P)

    Did you ever come in Paris? =D And where are you living? Do you speak French? Just a little?

    Have a good day! =)



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