Thursday, February 18, 2010

Legally Eighteen!

Ah, finally, its the day! xD
I’m 18! It feels amazing, nothing different, but amazing.
I didn't even do a wish list cos I have everything that I could ever want. A great family, relatives and the best of friends. thanks for being the best. Love you guys.
And thanks for everyone who wished me, through fb, twitter, calls, texts, fm, etc, etc. It’s turning to be an awesome birthday. I am right now printing the cards, and they’ll be ready soon. xD
Here’s an invitation for you too. (=
Be there or be square! xD
Anyone who knows my place, is most welcome. (=


  1. happy b'day shahada.
    being legally eighteen makes you a little free? right? hmmm? so what are you gonna do about it?

  2. @Anony,
    How did ya know my name? O.o
    Honestly, it doesnt really make me any excited. Its not that I am planning to get married when I am 18, or drive, or even watch adult movies.
    So, its almost ok.
    and I'm gonna live life the same way I did when I was seventeen.

  3. hello,
    i did some research to find out your name!
    and it was you who i saw going to a shop near nalahiya hotel? why did you lie??????? anyway it's understandable coming from you.

    have a good time. i'll tune into your show sometime again.//

  4. @Anony,
    ah. ok that sounds beleivable. xD
    I didnt lie. I didnt go near nalahiya. I went near galolhu stadium. To tell the truth, I dont think i've gone near nalahiys this year, yet. My usual routines are the other way. So that couldnt be me.
    thanks for commenting though. (=

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