Friday, February 5, 2010

A to Z: Hopefully The Last One

image credits
A is for Alice and the white rabbit, this awesome picture by auriethepixie
B is for Bachelors In Business. By the time I am 20, I'd have a degree. (= 
C is for Cute guys. One thing our campus has in loads is cute guys. There's even one in our very class. Haha. 
D is for Dear Diary. I have been too busy/bored/whatever and have not written in my journal for quite some time. But I am gonna. As soon as I free my mind of a LOT of "beykaaru" stuff. 
E is for Emoticons. I saw this weird emoticon sheet on tumblr. I swear there are emoticons for every feeling. I could never have guessed. 0=) 
F is for freaking subject codes. I am supposed to remember them. I am no good at remembering things other than shoes and cute guys. Maybe a bit of Business book. But that's it. The only one I remember correctly is ECO 101. And that's the one I hate the most. >.< 
G is for Group studies and other study related studies. I'm hopefully not gonna procrastinate this time. It's always the same though. Haha. 
H is for HFM's new Friends show. LOL. 
I is for I finally got some movies. After a long time. Still need to arrange timings so I can watch them without interruptions. 
J is for Jungle he aade raat hai, I love that song. 
K is for Kaate nahin kat te. I'm running out of stuff. I cant think. My mind is blank, I'm feeling sleepy, computer rack is broken, and I need to go to wataniya to get my modem USB. Gee 
L is for Lecturer. We have all kinds of ones. I don’t even know where to start! 
M is for My classmates. They are kinda funny. (= 
N is for Nearly impossible tasks. 
O is for Originally I thought A to Z was interesting. I still do think that. Too bad It’s not working out, and I would love to continue with usual stuff. So until I decide on doing another A to Z post, this will be the last! 
P is for People in my class. Most of them are friendly, some shy, others very outgoing. More girls this time, haha. We totally rule. 
Q is for Quill, duh! 
R is for Red Bull, which I am addicted to. Too bad it isn't everydaycheap. 
S is for Some weird scholarship thingy. We were trying to bunk since it was optional but some weird guy stopped us and then led us to the auditorium. Believe me, it was sad. But the lecture was quite interesting. Plus, there was also a cute guy there from the resort which were giving the sponsors. 
T is for Time tables, which looks like some night club opening times. Seriously. OK, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but afternoon 1 to 9 in the night is not a good timing. Not even for night owls. And I am a morning person. hmph 
U is for U turns. I hate them 
V is for V day. It's also the Chinese new year. This year is the year of the tiger. I'm a water monkey. That does explain a LOT! 
W is for Welcome parties. Too bad my campus doesn’t have one. I'm so jealous of those doing nursing. hmph 
X is for Xceptionally brave students
Y is for Y does classes get cancelled in the first week itself? There's no bright side there. >.< 
Z is for Zuyyina. I have no idea who it is. O_o



  1. lol
    this is an awesome post
    the most repeated words 'cute guys'!
    very much influenced by your campus :p

  2. @iththi,
    LOL. It does not do any justice to them, you will know~

  3. hahah cute made them yourself? help me help me! I'm kinda new here and I want to learn how write something interesting..^^

    haha visist my blog..and niceto meetyou..(^_^)

  4. @nicsy,
    I wish I did. I'm no geek, and I can't even write simple HTML. *shame* Got it from somewhere around the web. (=
    There are some blogs in my blogroll, where you can look for inspiration.
    I usually just write whatever somes to my mind. Hope you like it.

    And your layout is very nice too.


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