Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That Little Yellow Dress

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Since I was a young girl who loved ponytails, books and baiy kakkaa, I used to adore the color yellow. The brightness, the sunny-ness, and the happiness of the color drew me to it. So, it was no surprise that most of my rainbow colored wardrobe consisted of yellow dresses, pants, bangles, belts, shoes, etc.
The passion continued even when I was growing up. I remember having a yellow bag in Grade 4, a yellow dopatta dress at the age 12, and so on. Even When I moved to Male’ I had many yellow material goods, mostly pieces of clothing. Then the phase got to its maximum, with me buying only yellow stuff. Everyone at home would say their eyes are gonna fall off. Haha.
People used to associate me with the color yellow, and I was proud, until… until that sad day, when I came to know, along with most people in this very country that YELLOW is the official color of a political party. Even then, I didn't care. I used to wear yellow all the time.
Sadly, not anymore. I still do wear yellow a LOT! But Its a different picture now. I can’t go out wearing anything yellow without people associating me with a political party. I never experienced any such thing in my life, so I never did care. Now, the picture’s so obvious. People no longer can believe that anyone can wear yellow. They will associate it with MDP.
But it doesn't still matter to me. I don't care what people are gonna think. I love wearing yellow, And I’ll still keep wearing yellow.
I’m not gonna change who I am just because people don’t know.
That Little Yellow Dress should not be blamed.
That Little Yellow Dress!


  1. so you do support mdp?
    or you are one of these people who says "i'm not into politics"? but you know that statement itself is a political statement!
    btw i listen to your radio. its good. and do you also wear very tight things?

  2. @Anony,
    Haha. Politics and I dont even belong in the same sentence, I wouldnt say I'm an evid supporter. But I do like the changes they are bringing. I'm ashamed to say that I don't really know much about politics. If anything's happening I would be the last to know. >.<
    Thanks. I'm glad you like it. and as for tight things, I wear stuff which are good built for me.

    PS, I have no idea why people who leave comments tend to do it anonymously. I'm not gonna kill you, even if you say anything bad about me. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

  3. can't stop laughing to anonymous guy's last sentence. LOL

  4. hi, it's me again.
    thanks for the really lovely response from you.
    when is your next show? and on what channel? i'll listen to it.

  5. @Anony,
    You're welcome. It's almost every weeknight from 10 to 12. 92.6 hfm. (=

  6. hi diary,
    is it 10 to 12 am? or pm? are you gonna be on this saturday?

  7. @Anony,
    no, 10 to 12 pm.
    Sunday to Thursday

  8. oh, not weekends. it's on weeknights!! i read it wrong.
    you know what, i was listening to mdp jalsa tonight, and the reception got a little bad, and while i was tuning my radio, volla! you are on! very intriguing! i almost stopped all my work mesmerized by your show! how do you do it!!! it's so great.

    on another note, i saw you going into some shop near nalahiya hotel on majeedhi magu this afternoon. was that you?

  9. @Anony,
    Awwh. thankyou so much. I'm glad you liked it. (=

    And no, that couldnt be me, cos I went the other way, near galolhu stadium.


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